Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grimy Goods Thinks We're the Best Thing Outta Brooklyn....

Feb 4

The Vandelles – EP Review

These kids sound like they should be in a Tarantino soundtrack! As if Brooklyn wasn’t a big enough spawning ground for some first-class, premium beef (or veggie) rock bands, The Vandelles are one of the best bands I’ve heard come out of BK lately.

Rocking that fuzzy psych noir, The Vandelles exude all things bad-ass while keeping it both sexy and mysterious. Composed of four reverb-loving thrashers, the band features an all-female rhythm section with Suzanne Pagliorola (aka. Honey) rolling out some gnarly drums and Lisha Nadkarni (aka. The Viper) holding down those vicious bass lines. Styling it up with some snazzy textures and vocals that come off righteously detached, guitarists Jason Schwartz (aka. Jonny Strings) and Christo Buffam are hypnotically sexy. Together the quartet delivers some amp blowing music dripping of extraordinary appeal.

Photo: Jen McManus

Their self-titled debut LP was just released this past January by Safranin Records (US) and SVC Records (UK). The first track “Lovely Weather” reminds me a bit of the early Raveonettes with their sexy distortions, fuzzy guitar riffs and surf rock undertones. Except The Vandelles bring it a lot darker, and a lot harder—sans any poppy vocals. I definitely hear some Ramones in “Swell to Heaven” and get the sudden urge to have some fun in the warm California sun.

The Vandelles definitely touch on various rock influences and are guilty of bringing out a sound that has been heard before, nonetheless these kids fuckin’ kill it. They fuse only the best and cook it up with their own style, explosive sound, and an alluring essence so hot you can’t help but dig their shit.

Get their debut EP here and check em’ out on their Myspace or Facebook while you’re at it.

Words: Sandy B.

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