Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reverberation: The Vandelles - Del Black Aloha



Exotic, steamy and vehement, The Vandelles peg themselves as « stereowave of sound ».
Blessed indeed with a sound that stands out as fierce and bewildering and is nonetheless "tropically cool", the quartet made a name for themselves with their sultry distortions, that trademark noir rock’n’roll.
You would expect these fellas to be from Miami or L.A with that hot sunbeam vibe but those noisy psychedelists are actually from Greenpoint, New York, hence one of the highlights of the prolific and stunning Brooklyn music scene.
Get ready for a tidal wave of raw sensations, the journey is not one to be forgotten!
“Dash’n’Dive” unleashes a tornado of abrasive guitars and dazzling drums while sensual vocals and the retro/surf feel spice up the whole band’s soundscape.
You’ll be flying over dry earth and flood and fighting hell and high water, embracing the evil child of The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Ronettes. Those who are familiar with their remote cousins A Place To Bury Strangers and The Raveonettes will appreciate the band’s primal energy.
Radical and dishevelling, “Bomb The Surf” projects you to a rollercoaster of emotions and gives you all kinds of sonic thrills. The Brooklynites also know how to play it subtle with mellower tunes such as “Chain Walking” or “California killer”.
Lovely Weather wins on both counts with a suave intro, knocking you out with an exploding pace later.
Last but not least, “Bad Volcano” emerges as the most staggering track on the album, just under five minutes of psychotropic, electrifying and incendiary sound. Mystifying!
Take the Del Black Aloha ride, one of the most memorable efforts of 2009. Addictive side-effects guaranteed…
"Die for it, cowboy!"

Del Black Aloha was released in May of 2009.
Rank : Stormy High

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