Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surfin' and Shoegazin' from Cannibal Cheerleader

Surfin’ and Shoegazin’

Here’s a new video from Baltimore pop-rockers Ponytail whose latest release Ice Cream Spiritual was one of our favorite releases of last year. Featuring the standout track “Celebrate the Body Electric”, this psychadelic trip-worthy mind explosion features the kind of balloon-busting antics we’ve come to expect from the spazz-tastic quartet.

In other news the band will be rolling through Austin on May 20th at Red 7 and you know the Cannibal Cheerleader crew will be there with electric bells on. Here’s hoping they play our favorite, “Late for School”!

Ponytail – “Celebrate the Body Electric”
The Horrors have reinvented themselves so dramatically on their newest LP Primary Colours that listeners are rediscovering the group all over again. With their newest video for second single “Who Can Say” the band continues the transformation, featuring more live performance footage this time directed by Douglas Hart of the Jesus & Mary Chain, a group Faris Badwin and company are certainly emulating at this point. Check out the vid below!

The Horrors – Who Can Say from IM // UR on Vimeo.

The Horrors – “New Ice Age”
Riding on the crest of the lo-fi shoegazey wave with a brand of surf-rock that’s straight from Palm Beach, Brooklyn’s the Vandelles serve up an experimental brand of syrupy guitar-rock that haunts as much as it delights. Having garnered a fair amount of attention at this year’s SXSW music festival here in Austin, the Vandelles newest LP Del Black Alohastands poised to break this band into the realm of the lords of lo-fi, so listen below and prepare to be amazed. Cowabunga Cannibal Cheerleader faithful!
The Vandelles | Bad Volcano

The Vandelles – “Bad Volcano”


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